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Foster + Svensson is an award-winning European communications and advertising agency who put forward well-considered design, digital and innovation.

We continuously grow and develop as independent agency. Our services are offered worldwide, with no limitations on strict countries. This is enabled thus being independent agency. To our clients we are positioning ourselves as best in the class solution creative agency.

Design. Digital. Innovation.

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Media relations

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Media relations
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Media relations

Over the years, we have established media relations with local, regional and international press, newswires and agencies. We aim to support media by providing relevant briefs, news and releases, and cooperate directly with journalists and press.

By working together we prepare full material and details in order to properly brief journalists and support during creation of news and articles. For every news, here at Foster + Svensson we prepare relevant media plan for our clients in order to find proper media, for which audience news might be relevant. Within media relations we provide the following services:

Crisis communications
Digital media relations
External communications
International media relations
Local media relations
Media advisory
Media briefing
Media events
Media monitoring
Press clipping
Press releases creation
Press releases distribution
Public relations
Regional media relations

Since founding of Foster + Svensson we nurture our relations with colleagues at press. We stand together for independent news and knowledge sharing. Also, we always aim to create press releases and information which will not be perceived as advertising, but as an useful information or news which is relevant for the public and audience. Over the years, our press releases are recorded and published within following media, for which we are honored and thankful: