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Foster + Svensson is an award-winning European communications and advertising agency who put forward well-considered design, digital and innovation.

We continuously grow and develop as independent agency. Our services are offered worldwide, with no limitations on strict countries. This is enabled thus being independent agency. To our clients we are positioning ourselves as best in the class solution creative agency.

Design. Digital. Innovation.

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Creative and design

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Foster + Svensson Creative and design
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Creative and design

A design is a construction or activity specification or plan, or the result of that plan in the form of a prototype, finished product, or process. Designs may take into account aesthetic, functional, economic, or socio-political considerations. The process of creating a design can be brief (a quick sketch) or lengthy and complicated, involving considerable research, reflection, modeling, interactive adjustment and re-design.

Creativity is found in a number of disciplines, primarily psychology, business studies, and cognitive science, but also technology, philosophy (particularly philosophy of science, sociology and linguistics, covering the relations between creativity and general intelligence, personality type, mental and neurological processes, or artificial intelligence.


Within creative and design we provide the following services:

Advertising campaigns
Campaign concepts
Corporate design
Corporate reports design
Data visualization
Design concepts
Display banner design
Graphic design
Package design
Photo editing
Post production
Print ads
Retail design
Rollout and implementation
Stationary design
Visual concept
Web banner design
Website development