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Responding to COVID-19 outbreak

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Foster + Svensson Covid 19

Responding to COVID-19 outbreak

Belgrade – As a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and state of emergency on the entire territory of Serbia, we are bringing our contribute to minimize the spreading of the virus, and as of immediately we are performing protection against COVID-19.


Following Government directives, we organized our business in such a way as to comply with the recommendation of the competent authorities in order to suppress the further spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and to keep business processes running smoothly. Even before the world pandemic is announced, at Foster + Svensson we were performing measures to prevent any kind of virus spreading.

However, in these times increased prevention measures are necessary. Our network of teams includes an integrated nerve center covering four main domains: employees protection, supply-chain stabilization, client support and financial stress testing.

List of immediate actions at Foster + Svensson are as follows:

– no physical presence of employees at the office
– employees received disinfection and antiseptic package for their personal and home use
– all employees to work remotely from home
– paid costs of home internet use
– backup unlimited mobile internet access secured for all employees
– employee work and availability limited to email and phone during regular work hours
– granted remote access to Brain (company intranet)
– postponing any live meetings
– organizing meetings via audio or video conference systems
– travel ban is lifted
– providing services and support to our clients as regular, with exception on live meetings
– coordinating suppliers, vendors and 3rd parties, with exception on live meetings
– increasing precaution safety measures for print material (hand sanitizers, antiseptics)


Corona pandemic is a real challenger for the community, but also for the businesses. Our engagement as company is crucial and Foster + Svensson will be aligned with local laws and directives of Republic of Serbia, World Health Organization and the EU. We shall also imply immediate economic support to businesses involved in our industry and supply chain, where invoices toward our partners will be paid immediately (before its regular due dates). We also invite others to follow these actions, so we could jointly take care about ourselves, our health, economy, and overall wellbeing of people and companies.

For all updated information we encourage you to visit www.covid19.rs dedicated coronavirus website of Ministry of Health of Republic of Serbia and WHO website.

Be well and stay at home.





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