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Apothecary online drogerie brand identity design

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Online drogerie Apothecary /a’po(tə)kari/

An advertising agency which focus on design, digital and innovation, created an e-commerce case study for its clients, in order to demonstrate potential and features of e-commerce platform and its design. This case study was primarily focused on pharmaceutical industry, showcasing how products can be offered, displayed and communicated online, by avoiding common mistakes of pharmaceutical companies make.

It was noticeable that pharma industry clients were more “hands-on” and interested in getting deep insight information about e-commerce possibilities, rather than having drafts and designs displayed in forms of presentations or documents.

During insights this was found as one of the main issues of drugstores communication. Noisy, untidy and incomplete online product presentation. Websites which are not orientated towards its visitors and having poor customer experience, but rather focused on skipping internal procedures and connecting with numerous internal ERP, SAP and other systems, from which raw data will be pulled and published on websites. Raw data which will not be recognised by customers, as they are not interested in internal short product names, numerous product codes, little or no product information, etc. It is right to display price, but product price doesn’t mean anything to customer – if a customer doesn’t know anything about the product.

Our main goal was to position high quality design of e-commerce website within its core, to make it clean and pure, informative, click or two away, yet allowing product brands (drugstore is a multibrand operation) to be seen and recognised according to its own brand guidelines. Having online store which will be visibly rigorous within own brand, being subtly disciplined with communication among other brands, and aligning with brand guidelines was set as a must for all product manufactures and drugstore overall. Besides, product information to be comprehensive and relevant to customers, just like product search bar which needs to be intelligent and find product in short time.

That is how we came to idea to grow Apothecary. Created by advertising agency as e-commerce case study with spotlight on its pure, innovative and digital contemporary design, Apothecary evolved from pure concept design to fully operative online drugstore focused on offering supreme products for more beautiful life. An online store which endeavour finest quality body, hair and skincare products.

Every single communication touchpoint within Apothecary, no matter if it is digital or offline, became place to express creativity and amaze customers how design impacts and can change our world. Even printed business cards are packed in a sachet (and recommended to use once per day). So, we created an online drugstore for us, a store that we would like to shop in and comeback again.

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