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Lierac Premium

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Lierac Premium

By identifying and transposing the most promising discoveries of avant-garde medicines (regenerative, aesthetic, environmental) Lierac Laboratories are given the mission of developing the dermocosmetics of tomorrow; advanced dermocosmetics that provide targeted responses to the specific concerns of each woman.

Lierac Premium is an absolute anti-aging skincare range with extraordinary regenerative power of premium cellular complex. It can correct all the signs of skin aging, such as deep wrinkles, loss of density and dark spots. It is no longer improper to ask woman about her age, as they can use Lierac Premium, exceptional and immediate youth boost anti-age product which further improves skin texture. Woman can be proud on their age, knowledge, experience and beauty.

We are showcasing adapted communication and localization of Lierac product for price sensitive market, and demonstrating how premium brand can wear discount tag, by not affecting brand perception and keeping its exclusivity. Regardless, we are creating an urge to have and buy premium product, but now by saving and with lower price. That’s what we call a good deal.

Beauty is ageless.






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