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Foster + Svensson invoice redesign

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Foster + Svensson invoice redesign

The aesthetics of process: Invoices usualy have negative conotation, as they aim for paying and spending. Here we exclude designers which have tendency to like invoices as they can be inspired by its design or some elements on it. Our first invoice was designed back in 2013 according to corporate design book (which we also designed for ourselves). It had white background, black Helvetica font, structural typography and was quite minimal. We liked it so much, that we didn’t wanted to change it.

In 2019 we changed our mind and redesigned it. We kept Helvetica, logo, typography, pretty much everything we already had and derivated rest of the elements for the new invoice layout. Now we added some black and grey background to make it more aesthetic, as this is an electronic invoice. It should trigger positive surprise element, by viewing its design and being different compared to other invoices.

Also, by using so much black and grey in the background, we aim to demotivate people not to print invoices by saving toners and papers, yet saving nature for real. So, even invoices can be beautiful and design can save the world.


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