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Caminata website redesign

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Caminata website redesign

British restaurant Caminata tapped Foster + Svensson as lead digital agency on its website redesign. Caminata is one of the cosiest and welcoming restaurants and lounge bars in Balham, SW London.

This Italian restaurant is home of traditional food from Italy for more than 10 years in United Kingdom. Italian cuisine is generally characterized by its simplicity in food, with many dishes having only several ingredients, usually two to four. Cooks rely chiefly on the ingredients quality, rather than on preparation elaborate. Food specialties and its variety is characterized by each area of Italy, and also provincial level. Such differences come from region close to mountains or the sea, from where ingredients are made and raised.

Caminata serves to its guests different Italian dishes from variety of regions, including pasta, pizza, sea food, fresh vegetables and salads, but also signature main dishes.

Foster + Svensson is selected by Caminata to create a website for the restaurant, which will present its Italian gourmet dishes, wine offer, imported flavour and bring them closer to British market. In our design, we have focused on showcasing how Italians enjoy eating, drinking and socializing, surrounded by authentic Italian life scenery. It is about enjoyment in every bite, sip, taste, scent. Enjoyment in life.

For Caminata, Foster + Svensson designed brand new website, including corporate design book, so Britons could experience Italy in the hearth of London.




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