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Foster + Svensson uphold Oaza zdravlja website redesign

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Foster + Svensson uphold Oaza zdravlja website redesign

Belgrade – After more than one year of its first redesign, Oaza zdravlja pharmacy enters into second stage of its digital and e-commerce business with uplift of oazazdravlja.rs online store. Foster + Svensson uphold Oaza zdravlja pharmacy in website redesign with new enhanced visual communication, art direction and graphic layout.

Oaza zdravlja pharmacy redesigned its website by upgrading it technically with new e-commerce features, along with refreshed graphic layout. However, main design was kept as a structure of whole website where simplicity, clean lines and ease of use remained as a must. Foster + Svensson helped Oaza zdravlja pharmacy with new graphic layout by introducing several new features and also enchacing visual communication. Art direction and imagery style is being kept, as by existing corporate design book (CD) also created by Foster + Svensson. Top of the new website is now consisted of green strap with scrolling text in a form of quick and important information for customers. Besides art direction and imagery, typography is also kept on the new, enchanced version of Oaza zdravlja website. Products are placed across the website, with possiblity to reach them in one click, as it was before.

Oaza Zdravlja Homepage 1000

PHOTO: Redesigned homepage of Oaza zdravlja pharmacy at www.oazazdravlja.rs

Banner size is changed and enchanced for both desktop and mobile version, giving more space for layout and design. Contruction of the banner is based on strict grid system, representing a main structure of the banner, yet adjustable enough to change position of the text depending on the elements allocation. As a main guide in positioning products, text and call to action button, Golden Ratio was used. Banners of Oaza zdravlja are now designed with bold foundations in mathematics and art, where Golden Ration proportion of 1 to 1.618 is applied. By using Golden Ratio proportion, banners are designed to fit visitor eye’s perception, allowing visitors to easily see the product as prime, yet trigger focus on text and call to action.

Oaza Zdravlja Banners

PHOTO: New banners for oazazdravlja.rs

Newsletter singup is introduced as a new feature. It is placed in the mid section of the website. Visitors can now easily signup to receive the latest news from Oaza zdravlja pharmacy, including promotions, product information, new brand launches, etc. Beside signup section in the middle of the website, a pop-up screen is also created and visible upon first visit of the Oaza zdravlja website. Architecture of the pop-up screen is created by using main geometrical forms, such as squares, all equaliy divided and split into three different sections: photography from imagery style, text on benefits for newsletter signup and data entry form. While designing newsletter pop-up, consistency in complete website layout was kept in order to keep same tone of communication across the website and all its channels, including newsletter as a new one.

Oaza Zdravlja Newsletter Popup Architecture

PHOTO: Newsletter popup architecture

Footer area is also slightly visually redesigned, where new categories are being included and e-commerce elements repositioned to reflect the new visual design of Oaza zdravlja online pharmacy store. Footer plays important role in the website, where it is not only used to place legal information, including terms and conditions, but also to enable easier contact with Oaza zdravlja and more transparent overview over the company itself.

Oaza Zdravlja Footer

PHOTO: Redesigned footer

Websites represents main domain of the company or a brand, being centralized in its communication with people around it, from email correspondance, to digital use and offline communication. Websites are essential tool for companies, not only to be a corporate or a product/service presentation, but also a place which monetizes business. Foster + Svensson strongly believes that digital communication and efficient websites are transparent, clean, informative, easily accessable and usable, yet with well-considered contemporary design and innovation. New, enchanced version of Oaza zdravlja website is available at www.oazazdravlja.rs.[/vc_column_text]




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