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Foster + Svensson creates digital footcare campaign

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Foster + Svensson creates digital footcare campaign

Belgrade – Foster + Svensson creates digital footcare campaign for Oaza zdravlja e-commerce website on www.oazazdravlja.rs. Multiple products are communicated under single umbrella including brands such as Beiersdorf, Eucerin, Scholl, Wartner.

– We aimed to present footcare products in a way which people will understand their power of use and which will connect them with season. The strength which will trigger positive emotion when visual is being looked. Visuals have strong power and can induce other feelings than primary (product purchase), such as in case of Oaza zdravlja latests campaign, to feel scent of the sea, pines, sand, to hear crickets, to sense warm sun on the skin. Experiencing our own senses will just push us more towards topic and open our imagination and yes, we do imagine no matter how old we are. This is what we wanted with this digital campaign for Oaza zdravlja online pharmacy store. We wanted firstly for people to meet their own senses and feel the Mediterranean summer and all of its goodness. By tackling senses we want from people to create a desire to own products as well, no matter if it is footcare or suncare. It belongs to summer and creates endless memories which will carry on our life. Just like the scent of wet sand, sunscreen and sea salt on our shoulders. And having pharmacy supporting you in this, you feel protected as well, says Vladimir Suvodolac, Managing Director at Foster + Svensson.



Inspired by sounds of Vladimir Cosma feat. Orchestre Philharmonique de Paris “La gloire de mon père” and European cinematography, here at Foster + Svensson we extracted Mediterranean summer senses and created online campaign for e-commerce pharmacy store. Aesthetics, as set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, used as key visual for footcare products.

Summer footcare products are available for online purchase at www.oazazdravlja.rs pharmacy with fast home delivery.




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