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Accobooks selects Foster + Svensson as its agency of record (AOR)

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Financial Company Accobooks Has Selected Foster + Svensson

Accobooks selects Foster + Svensson as its agency of record (AOR)

Belgrade – Financial company Accobooks selects Foster + Svensson as its agency of record (AOR). For Accobooks, Foster + Svensson will redesign, create and deliver new corporate identity and build internet presence.

Accobooks operates in Serbia since 2012 in areas of accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, business and tax consulting. Since its beginning, Accobooks serves numerous clients within its services range and expertise. Foster + Svensson is being selected as agency of record which will be in charge for new company identity design. Within coming period, Accobooks will receive brand new look and position itself as continuously growing and credible financial consulting firm, in order to differentiate on the market and be relevant to its new clients. Agency will also need to ensure coherence in its design, along with esteem, which will be possible to do with brand new corporate identity on which Foster + Svensson will work for Accobooks.

– We are thrilled to work for financial consultants, as this type of industry requires corporate behavior and precision, yet willing to allow disciplined creativity. That is how Accobooks and Foster + Svensson are true match, since this is our way of work as well, which now we need to rollout on client brand. Over the years both clients and agencies were working just to deliver, yet forgetting about intelligence in the background and how creativity and design can amaze and trigger emotions among people when exposed to it. This is what we always aim and it’s a foundation of Foster + Svensson work. By focusing on creativity, design, digital and innovation, we are driven to do outstanding work in which we trust, and which needs to be different compared to others. On time, cost efficient, precision driven and effective are our style of work, which makes us top-tier communication and advertising agency with brand and design consultants having bold foundations within its expertise. Accobooks is to experience exactly this, says Vladimir Suvodolac, Managing Director of Foster + Svensson.

Work on Accobooks new corporate identity will start by end of July 2019, by appointing senior creative and digital teams of Foster + Svensson. Team to be consisted of people with experience of more than 15 years in communication, branding, design, digital and advertising overall.