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Foster + Svensson is an award-winning European communications and advertising agency who put forward well-considered design, digital and innovation.

We continuously grow and develop as independent agency. Our services are offered worldwide, with no limitations on strict countries. This is enabled thus being independent agency. To our clients we are positioning ourselves as best in the class solution creative agency.

Design. Digital. Innovation.

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At Foster + Svensson, education is an ongoing process during work, experience and out of the office. We are constantly looking for the new knowledge and gain experience. Gained knowledge we share among our employees, clients and partners, in order to constantly evolve and grow.

We have also created internal system called ”Brain” where we store, archive and access our data-base of ideas, work, projects and its executions, making it educational yet accessible to employees to fast track and update themselves easily on project statuses, deliverables, elements and materials overall.

In addition, we are not self-centered. We want to share key learnings, expertise and what we have learned in order to evolve together. As of 2019, Foster + Svensson partnered with MEF Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance in Belgrade, Serbia, where our employees are lecturing students in focus areas of advertising, business administration and marketing, by combining theoretical with practical work.

Education for people.