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Foster + Svensson is an award-winning European communications and advertising agency who put forward well-considered design, digital and innovation.

We continuously grow and develop as independent agency. Our services are offered worldwide, with no limitations on strict countries. This is enabled thus being independent agency. To our clients we are positioning ourselves as best in the class solution creative agency.

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Foster + Svensson Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

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Corporate social

All of us can contribute for better society. No matter what is the size of the company. We at Foster + Svensson are raised to fight against poverty and to support well being.

As everything we do is clear and precise, in addition, our contribution to the community is simple and understandable. In this way, we want to invest in our society and contribute to the further development of modern values while maintaining the spirit of tradition. Sharing and understanding information, in all spheres of life, will contribute to a better mutual understanding and, ultimately, a better concern for the part of the society that needs it most. And we mean across the globe.

We are raised to believe in CSR, and not just to accept it as corporate culture project. For us at Foster + Svensson, this is an behavior which we bring with us.

Foster + Svensson supports:

  • MAI Marina Abramović Institute
  • Charity Water Foundation
  • NBCF National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • CIOFI Center for the Inclusion of Persons with Physical Disabilities
  • SBCPRN Special Hospital for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Neurology
  • Regional Center for Cerebral Palsy
  • Uniquely Abled Center