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Foster + Svensson is an award-winning European communications and advertising agency who put forward well-considered design, digital and innovation.

We continuously grow and develop as independent agency. Our services are offered worldwide, with no limitations on strict countries. This is enabled thus being independent agency. To our clients we are positioning ourselves as best in the class solution creative agency.

Design. Digital. Innovation.

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We are glad when our effort and passion for work is noticed. Independently, or as part of a team. Awards are welcome and show that effort, work and dedication are recognized. We are pleased when the success remains recorded.

Employees at Foster + Svensson share an equally passion for achieving top results and honors. In the past years, our employees managed to achieve the awards and acknowledgments for work provided to clients, other agencies and Foster + Svensson.

Proudly, our employees received and contributed to winning following prizes:

  • 2020 World Brand Design Society: Featured brand identity project for Apothecary (UK)
  • 2020 Creativepool: Featured design work for Apothecary (UK)
  • 2019 Creativepool: Featured website redesign for F+S (UK)
  • 2019 Creativepool: Ranked as #1 within Top 25 influential and inspiring Account Directors (UK)
  • 2019 Creativepool: Best web shortlist for Oaza zdravlja (UK)
  • 2016 Samsung: Best practice launch campaign (South Korea)
  • 2014 Zlatna bubamara: Best regional project for the X-Factor (North Macedonia)
  • 2013 MAI Institute: Founder certificate of recognition (USA)
  • 2011 Museum of contemporary art of Vojvodina: First prize for best calendar design for Telenor (Serbia)
  • 2010 Webfest: Best regional corporate site for Telenor (Serbia)
  • 2010 Webfest: Nominee for best graphic design for Telenor (Serbia)
  • 2010 PC Press: Best corporate site for Telenor (Serbia)
  • 2009 Webfest: Best regional mobile site for Telenor (Serbia)
  • 2008 Meffy: Nominee for world best mobile site for Telenor (Monaco)
  • 2008 Virtus: Corporate philanthrope award for Telenor (Serbia)
  • 2007 Meffy: Best mobile entertainment for Telenor (Monaco)